Top Reasons to choose Mirabel Travel

There are so many reasons to visit Mirabel travel;
however, few of them are summed up below:

Best value for your money spent guaranteed.
Mirabel counselors can help you to make your dollars go farther while you are away.  They have access to find all sorts of deals ranging from flights to hotels & dinner recommendations.  Experts will tell you about every available choice and the best value of your money.
Get honest advice on the quality and value of each product.

Expert gives you expert guidance.
We're travel experts and understand the details of the travel business and will always ensure that you get maximum advantage of what's on offer.

Convenient one-stop shopping.
You can get complete service on all aspects of your trip; from air tickets to hotels; car rentals to coach & train reservations; accommodation to activities.
For all your travel needs, just speak to one of our expert.

Updated Information
Our staff have constant communication with the travel community.  So they can give you the most up to date info on airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, travel visas, and other travel services to consider
as you plan your trip.

Maximum choice.
We will always give you the widest variety of travel options and prices from competing travel suppliers that suit you precise need.

Customers advocate.
If you experience any problems during your trip, we will act on your behalf to put things right.
We are with you- before, during and after your trip.

You're Protected.
We are a province licensed travel agency (TICO) and all money paid to us is protected by The Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund, in case you experience non-provision of any travel service or product.

Your own Personalized Travel Service.
Mirabel agent can prepare you a personalized trip based on where you want to go and what you want to do.They won't give you generic website trips that are posted because the destinations are being pushed during a slow season. We're not any impersonal voice which might be hundreds of kilometers away. We provide a personalized service that understands exactly what you want and provide value every time.

Travel Documentation
Travel agents can help you to prepare and organize any necessary documents that you may need in order to travel outside of the country. They can direct you to your local passport office, and they know where you need a visa, as well as any other documentation that you might need along the way.

Time Savings.
We'll save your time as we have all the information from every supplier at our fingertips and can pull up all your travel-related options within moments.

Unbiased information.
We work for you, the client, not for the airline or any other travel supplier. We will not bias our recommendation. Our only objective is to get you the best value and satisfy you completely so you will come back and see us again!

You can Trust Us.
We're not some anonymous web site or supplier's call centre in a foreign country. We're a local business.
You know where we are, whom we are and how to reach us.
For all your travel needs
For Reservation & Enquiries
    Call #: 905-856-0052        
Corporate Travel
7007 Islington Ave., Unit# 20 (at Steeles Ave.) Woodbridge, ON Canada L4L 4T5 !!! Registration: 1234567 !!! Reservations: (905)856-0052 & (416)410-3112
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