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                     How You Benefit from The London Pass

Free entry to over 55 attractions in London.

Free 160 page guidebook in English, German & Spanish, containing hours of operation, maps and directions to every tourist attraction, shop and restaurant included in London Pass 

Line skipping privileges As well as free entry, the London Pass allows you to skip long and frustrating queues at the busiest tourist attractions. Simply look for the London Pass signs and show the attendant your London Pass - they will swipe your card through the London Pass machine and you will be allowed entrance.

Additional Package option available You can use over 40 additional deals, discounts, and freebies for the ultimate London sightseeing experience.

Optional FREE travel on London transport

London Pass WILL Save You Money
London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and London's tourist attractions are no exception. Go sightseeing with a London Pass, however, and you could save loads - even if you only visit one attraction per day!

London Pass WILL Save You Time
With the handy London Pass guidebook you know how to get to each attraction, when it's open and where it is on the map - so there'll be no wasted time trying to plan your day.
Even better on the time saving front is the exclusive right to bypass long and frustrating ticket lines and head straight to the front at many of the busiest tourist attractions - this is like gold dust in London, especially in the Summer months!

London Pass WILL Save You Hassle
Since you won't need cash to visit the London Pass attractions, you won't have to hunt down cash machines during your day out nor worry about exchange rates.
No more trying to work out how much you've spent on sightseeing each day of your trip - once you've bought your London Pass, you're paid up.

London Pass WILL Save You Stress
London's transport system is big, busy and sometimes quite intimidating to the unacquainted visitor. That's why we've created the optional inclusion of  London Pass with travel - not only is all your travel within London zones 1-6 paid for, but you're also spared the stress of working out what ticket you need and how much to pay for it. If you're off sightseeing we always recommend opting for the London Pass with travel.

London Pass WILL Earn You Extras
If these great London benefits aren't enough to convince you, how about another 40 or so benefits thrown in on top? Simply flash your London Pass at selected restaurants, bars, theatres, shops and activities around London and you will be treated to exclusive deals, discounts and even free stuff.

London sightseeing has never been so affordable!

The London Pass is a must for London sightseeing, offering entry to your choice of 55 of the best charging tourist attractions in London with one very affordable ticket.

From historic London sightseeing attractions like the Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle to modern day fun at London Zoo, the Cartoon Museum and the Wimbledon Tour Experience, the London Pass has something for everyone.
FREE entry to over 55 top London attractions!
Get FREE entry to over 50 top London attractions!
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The London Pass
The London Pass

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